Into The Heyz Pt.II


Greensboro born, Denver based Heyz returns to Deadbeats with Into The HEYZ Pt. II – a continuation of Into The HEYZ Pt. I, released earlier this year. The Into The HEYZ project launched an all new brand direction for Heyz, including new visuals and new sound. The 'Into The HEYZ' theme introduces the concept of 'The HEYZ'; a hazy portal that leads to a mystical and whimsical world filled with a euphoric atmosphere, meant to symbolize the way we feel when we get lost in music.

“Into The HEYZ '' is the culmination of a year-long effort to write and create a new and exciting story behind HEYZ’s music and brand. This two part EP series introduces the concept of “The HEYZ” which is a world that lies beyond a living, mysterious portal made of haze and smoke. The world within is a disorienting, whimsical realm filled with oddities from sandwich mountains to flying whales and mushroom forests. Matching the energy felt in HEYZ’s music, this world is filled with color, beauty, darkness, happiness, and an overall euphoria-inducing atmosphere." - Heyz

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